Mar 20, 2017

What I learned from Fullmetal Alchemist.

When I first discovered this manga series, I am clueless with the word of alchemist. I never thought that the “alchemy” word is ever existed. Sigh.

From what I understand after I’ve completed all the episodes, I found out that alchemy is a fundamentally spiritual & the practitioner of this alchemy is called an alchemist. Wow.

I recommend that you should watch this anime too. If you’re not having headache after watching the first episode, then you may proceed with the next ones. Hoorey.

Ok, let’s get back to the original purpose of this article. This manga series brought over handful of valuable lessons. And I am surprised by that because I’ve never completed any manga series that I’ve read or watched. Sobsss.

So here are a few of those valuable lessons:

1.) Equivalent exchange.

The rough idea is we can’t have something without first giving something in return. To gain something, you must prepare to lose something of that equal value that you want to have. And I think it is the same as What you give, you’ll get back. No one can gain something without sacrificing something.

2.) If you can’t find a door, make your own.

Same like the concept of opportunity and difficulty. More or less in every situation, the opportunity and difficulty are existed together. In the verses of Quran also have mentioned that, …with hardship comes ease. So, it is a matter of fact that you have to figure the way out from every challenging situation that you’re going through. If you can’t find a way out from that challenging situation then you should reconsider the idea of making your own way out.

3.) Even if you feel it’s useless, each step we take leads to something great.

Tomorrow is the prove of we are able to go through our life today. And it’s an achievement guys! So behold yourself, humans are trying their best to live, so you’re not alone. We are all together in this journey. So make a great day everyday because each passes days are actually the prove of our life achievement.

4.) The endure will sever the chain of hatred.

Please don’t hold grudge on oneself even though he/she/it did something that hurtful to us. Because it does not just damage you from the inside, but you’ll eventually start the chain of hatred in this world. The effect is too far for human to endure it. Yaaa, it’s our nature as human beings to be angry at injustice but we all have to endure it in order to stop this chain of hatred. Endure will only comes in the heart of oneself when one has the courage to break the chain. Plus, we all never know when we all going to die, so it’s useless to hold the grudge guys, just focus on to be a good human.

5.) Don’t give up.

Pain is temporary and it is nothing compared to what you feels when give up. So go live up your dream. Everyone endure something to live up their own dream/goal/aim. When you have dream, you’ll feel motivate to live your life. And that’s what life is all about. When you are no longer holding your dream, you’ll ended up being not passionate in doing something that may favor your life in this world, then you’ll be the most regretful person in the afterlife.

This article is totally based on my opinions of what I’ve learned throughout the series. Everyone has their own point of view that may totally different from me.

Bye for now.

Feb 28, 2017


How are you doing everyone? "May all beings everywhere be happy and free :) "
So, today I would like to share a piece of my experiences on handling tears..hahaha

Honestly, tears and women cannot be separated. 

Tears can heal the pain & stress of our hectic life days, so make sure to nangis, hahaha.

So, today I want to share about how to deal with the stress or pain or whatever we called it. First of all, we have to acknowledge what makes us feel stress?
It is because of something that we can control or can’t control, why? Because that’s really make a difference guys. Bear in mind that, if something that we are stressing about is beyond our control, just let it be, berdamailah dengan takdir, we cant change anything. Something that we cant control ni macam kematian (death of someone that we love), tragedy or accidents, bencana alam, etc. So, instead we all menyeksa batin dan akal fikiran with situation that beyond our control, just remember that, everything happens for a reason, and with every difficulties tersembunyi kemudahan. The good news is that calamities will shape us to be more stronger, mature and confidence secara kita sedar or x sedar.
Note that, the above explanation is based on the observation from my surrounding environment, so that’s may be realistic for a few of you and some may not agree with that, and I fine with that. :)

Now, lets move on to things that we can change.

For example. If my supervisor is extremely disapproved my works, and this situation will certainly make me felt sad, stress and having low confidence with myself. So what should I do to address this issue? Instead of dwelling too much with that pain, I took a break for awhile (nak nangis pun nangis la at least level stress korang turun sedikit), observe my breathing and just focus on the breathing for about 5-10minutes. Then, I pour down all the negative thoughts from my mind on a blank paper. Then, I carefully address that overwhelming thoughts with an action plan that may suits that issues. If you all afraid or feel no confidence to plan the action, just ask for helps from people that you are comfortable with. Plan the action with that person together, this will make you feel better and see clearer. After that, step by step practice the action plan into an action. Do it with an open heart and mind, and if you’re stuck or suddenly stress attacks you while doing that particular jobs that you’re planning for, just take a step back. Take a break or do something that make you feel energized and fun. For example, I love to write something that motivate others, read motivational books, listening to the v-log or

have a cup of coffee :)

whenever I got stuck with my work. To make it simple, do any activities that will make you feel happy and motivated whenever you get stuck. So you can change the stress situation into a practical happier situation. Stress is ok! Stress is actually good for us if we able to manage it properly, :)
But over-stress is not ok! Remember that, we all have no idea at all when we will going to die, so don’t waste your time to be over-stressed, just relax and try do your best in whatever you are doing (ikut kemampuan tau, jgn paksa diri wei!) and please try to focus on positive things in every situation (kena kritik pun senyum je) because this life is so wasteful if you’re not enjoying yourself!

Ok, that’s all for now, goodbye.

Jan 26, 2017

Date for Real 😳

Ok, so for this post, I want to talk about love & relationship between man & woman, & this story is based on my own experience, 
Its a bit challenge for me to share what I've learned from previous relationships 😭 sbb malu le 😌

So, here are what I've learned, read them dgn hati y terbuka 😇

1.) Berkawan biar beribu, berkasih biar satu je

So before you all memang nekad nk dirikan rumah tangga, tolong la berkawan dgn everyone, then from that friendship, you can sort off which one of your friends y memang hati you all "rasa lain", get it? 😅
you'll know "that feeling" soon 👍🏻
why you all should kawan dgn ramai org? coz from that friendship you all will know & understand them better & you can choose which one will be the one and only 😎

2.) Jangan paksa perasaan cinta itu,

Well this was the worst experience that I've ever had 😭
Act, dulu aku terlampau fikir ape org kata, then aku pun pikat sorang mamat ni (honesty perasaan malu tu hilang sbb ape org kata is most matter for me during that time), coz I know that he is so kind, then ak mmg confirm la y dia la the perfect ones for me 😌
To cut long story short, then both of us pun agreed to complete each other lives, but sooner I'll the one who broke the promise 💩
I forced myself to love him everyday but day after day that love is fading away 😔, seriously I don't know why, 
My best buddies knew how hard I tried to love him, but I can't, then I slowly distance myself from him and leaving him clueless alone coz Im seriously afraid & sad to tell him the truth (but I've managed to write him a letter saying that I'm so sorry for breaking those promises 😫) 
& I still can't forgive myself because of that 😭
So, please don't be like me, you can't force yourself to love someone, please berkawan dulu, don't rush on something important guys 😩

3.) Please never ever compare your current relationship with the previous ones, coz this'll make yourself become more complicated, ape y lover korang buat semua serba x kena (especially if previous lover is better than the current one ☝️) - So just enjoy your moments together, appreciate your current lover, kalau x why you broke up with the previous one 😅

That's all, wish my story guide you in certain way, thanks for reading guys, enjoy your life k 😎

Jan 23, 2017

Master versus Work (Which one is better?)

Hello guys ❤️️
How's your week going on, hopefully everything's going well guys 😎

So, today we're going to share about our study journey after degree, hehe 🙈

Some people asked, "should they sambung master or not? or better just being job-hunter after degree? "ok, this is sort of dilemma 😅 I think, huahuahua

First of all, you should ask yourself, "if I am interested to continue my study, is it will make me feel better? or is it coz of you don't have confidence to start your working life?or is it coz you don't have any idea bout your life yet after ended your degree journey? 😭😅
Never mind guys, don't worry, we've got all those three 😩
hahaha 😂😂

So here the tips on how to tackle that issue diligently:

1.) Ask yourself, what is your goal of life, what do I mean here is, what's your purpose of life?what's your aim for? 
for example, my aim is to contribute sth significance from my work 😇( banyak aim pun x pe 👏🏻 👍🏻)

2.) From that purpose, ask yourself, is my aim really need me to further my study or just attend any special courses that related to my purpose or anything else that you can think of 🤔

3.) Please do whatever it takes to bring your dream/aim/purpose into life/reality 🤗

But its not ended that way 😩

After going through all the three questions above, let yourself enjoy whatever choice that you all nak by doing a bit research about your choice 😌
Please have fun when you're doing this assignment, just list pros and cons from the choice that you all going to take, then compare all the pros and cons carefully and if possible please seek help from anyone that already have experience on that choice that you'll going to take 😋

(remind yourself, "the choice is in your hand, it's represents how you view yourself and not other people, so just take opinion of others as tips for you to handle whatever challenges may come from your choice")
good luck guys!!!