Apr 6, 2011

Essay SPM | World Cup Dad

Ce citew ce citew

hahaha.. kembali zaman sekolah tahun lepas.. kate teacher,, wat essay BI (continuous writing) mesti kene narrative essay. Kalau buat open topics or articles nnti agak susah nak perah idea. kene tau facts and bla bla bla.

So ni antara model essay yg best giler..(tp tak buat pon dlm exam..buat cerite laen :P)

World Cup Dad.

For most of my 15 years, my father usually said very little to my mother and me. Talking with him was always difficult. When I asked a question he gave me a monosyllabic answer.

Once when I was twelve, I asked dad to taste some macaroni soup that I had cooked at school. It was the first dish I had prepared in my Home Economics lessons , and I was dying to get his reaction.

“How is it?” I asked him eagerly.

“Not bad,” came the reply.

“But how do you like the taste? “ I continued. “Fine”, he said between noisy slurps.

I had hoped for a more positive response, but I consoled myself with the fact that dad was actually drinking the soup, so he must like it.

When I was much younger , I did not say much to dad.Dad preferred reading newspaper or watching soccer matches on television over talking to his family. Don’t get me wrong. – dad was a good father. During my pre-school years, we spent many happy hours together doing jigsaw puzzles. Later whenever I was busy studying for examinations, dad would bring home my favorite meal. Dad showed his love more by his actions than his words, and I just had to get used to the fact that he wasn’t very talkative.

Everything changed on 31 May 2002. As soon as I came downstairs that morning, I could see he wasn’t his usual reserved self. “Can’t wait ! FIFA World Cup ! “ he kept jabbering. “Big match! Must see !” I quickly figured out what excitement was all about. Dad is a big soccer fan and the World Cup tournament was about to start.

I had never been interested in soccer. It seemed to involved 22 men chasing after a silly ball. But dad’s uncontained excitement that morning made me more and more curious.

Dad decide that we should all have dinner at a German restaurant which would be screening the France-Senegal match.

When the match start, my father stared, transfixed, at the green grass and the players running on the huge television screen.

Suddenly a loud roar rose from the television. Startled. I looked up at the screen. “Papa Bouba Diop has just scored for Senegal,” dad explained. “But France will come back. ! They won the world cup last time, so they’ll be OK,”

I stared at the screen. “Why is that man jumping up and down?”

Dad patiently explained. “That’s Papa Bouba Diop. It’s normal for them to jump up and down after they’ve scored. The players get very excited, especially when it’s underdogs like Senegal scoring against the defending champions like France. Now eat your food. It’s getting cold”.

I was amazed. Dad had explained everything in detail to me. His monosyllabic answers were a thing of the past. I loved the new dad.

I watched the rest of the match, becoming more and more absorbed. Dad explained the rules of soccer and helped me understand everything we had just seen. Terms like free kick, left-back, foul, penalty and offside entered my vocabulary that night.

The World Cup suddenly became more interesting. When I told my father that I planned to watch more matches with him, he gave me a cheeky wink. At long last we had something in common. Since then, we have continued to watch many soccer matches together.

Soccer has really helped dad and I get closer and foster a stronger relationship with each other. Who says soccer is only about 22 men chasing after a silly ball?


kenape tetiber cakap pasal essay ni? sebenarnye ade kawan tag satu pertandingan CONTEST PENULIS SENJA TERAKHIR. Tapi ni model essay teacher punye, bukan buatan sendiri.

Essay buatan sendiri punye ade kat lembaga SPM malaysia 2010. Malas nak mintak balik. kui3..


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