Jul 17, 2012

About Julai lai lai

Ada apa dengan bulan Julai   lai lai lai
Sudah lama rasanya tak mengupdate blog. =,='

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2nd of July 2012 ,
i've started my work, at Eyxora Enterprise , a business of manufacturing local Malaysian kuih-muih , which are frozen. do you know frozen food? haa.. macam-macam adaa. donat, cucur badak, bergedil, karipap, cek mek, kasturi, roti canai,  pau. very near to my housing area. just only a walking distance . saje making money before entering university + search experience  + preparing myself for future super mama in the kitchen :D

12th of July 2012,
Atuk masuk hospital due to serious head injury.and because of severe head bleeding, kepala atuk kene operate. Oh myyy atuk,kesian giler tengok keadaan atuk time tu. Hanya mampu berdoa and berserah. and now, atuk has been discharged from hKL on 15July. it was me whom responsible to take good care of him at home now.

13th of July 2012,
Result of UPUAlhamdulillah, i was selected for degree in UiTM Shah Alam,
and the course is Ijazah Sarjana Muda (Kepujian) Sains Fizik. i am grateful whatever it was.
[it is destined !] =D

22th of July 2012,
InsyaAllah , Ramadhan the holy month is coming . Lots of things can be done by Muslim to prepare themselves spiritually and physically for the month-long period of fasting which is obligatory upon all able-bodied Muslims who have reached the age of maturity. May Allah bless all of us along this month and may we reached the next Ramadhan. Amin. Barakallhulakum !

23th of July 2012,
Happy Birthday to wan saye ! Sweet 70 ! i love you so much wan ^_^


eyjalukman said...

wahhh congrates jgk utk awk ! hee kesian nya atok awk,smoga dia cpt sembuh and happy birthday utk wan awk :) hee

SITOT said...

thanks thanks thanks eyja ! :D
Alhamdulillah,atuk makin ok :)

Aesya Zealous said...

oh myy.. kamu dpt kos fizik?? wahaha sy habes degree kamu plak masuk! heheh hai junior !! :D

belajar leklok ye..hehehe

SITOT said...

aah kak , kos sains fizik,.senang tak? hhe..

thanks senior !! =D

sAifUL bAHri said...

hohohh ....( tu je nak tulis :D)

Anonymous said...

awak sains fizik. saya sains biologi. hehe