Mar 20, 2017

What I learned from Fullmetal Alchemist.

When I first discovered this manga series, I am clueless with the word of alchemist. I never thought that the “alchemy” word is ever existed. Sigh.

From what I understand after I’ve completed all the episodes, I found out that alchemy is a fundamentally spiritual & the practitioner of this alchemy is called an alchemist. Wow.

I recommend that you should watch this anime too. If you’re not having headache after watching the first episode, then you may proceed with the next ones. Hoorey.

Ok, let’s get back to the original purpose of this article. This manga series brought over handful of valuable lessons. And I am surprised by that because I’ve never completed any manga series that I’ve read or watched. Sobsss.

So here are a few of those valuable lessons:

1.) Equivalent exchange.

The rough idea is we can’t have something without first giving something in return. To gain something, you must prepare to lose something of that equal value that you want to have. And I think it is the same as What you give, you’ll get back. No one can gain something without sacrificing something.

2.) If you can’t find a door, make your own.

Same like the concept of opportunity and difficulty. More or less in every situation, the opportunity and difficulty are existed together. In the verses of Quran also have mentioned that, …with hardship comes ease. So, it is a matter of fact that you have to figure the way out from every challenging situation that you’re going through. If you can’t find a way out from that challenging situation then you should reconsider the idea of making your own way out.

3.) Even if you feel it’s useless, each step we take leads to something great.

Tomorrow is the prove of we are able to go through our life today. And it’s an achievement guys! So behold yourself, humans are trying their best to live, so you’re not alone. We are all together in this journey. So make a great day everyday because each passes days are actually the prove of our life achievement.

4.) The endure will sever the chain of hatred.

Please don’t hold grudge on oneself even though he/she/it did something that hurtful to us. Because it does not just damage you from the inside, but you’ll eventually start the chain of hatred in this world. The effect is too far for human to endure it. Yaaa, it’s our nature as human beings to be angry at injustice but we all have to endure it in order to stop this chain of hatred. Endure will only comes in the heart of oneself when one has the courage to break the chain. Plus, we all never know when we all going to die, so it’s useless to hold the grudge guys, just focus on to be a good human.

5.) Don’t give up.

Pain is temporary and it is nothing compared to what you feels when give up. So go live up your dream. Everyone endure something to live up their own dream/goal/aim. When you have dream, you’ll feel motivate to live your life. And that’s what life is all about. When you are no longer holding your dream, you’ll ended up being not passionate in doing something that may favor your life in this world, then you’ll be the most regretful person in the afterlife.

This article is totally based on my opinions of what I’ve learned throughout the series. Everyone has their own point of view that may totally different from me.

Bye for now.

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