Feb 28, 2017


How are you doing everyone? "May all beings everywhere be happy and free :) "
So, today I would like to share a piece of my experiences on handling tears..hahaha

Honestly, tears and women cannot be separated. 

Tears can heal the pain & stress of our hectic life days, so make sure to nangis, hahaha.

So, today I want to share about how to deal with the stress or pain or whatever we called it. First of all, we have to acknowledge what makes us feel stress?
It is because of something that we can control or can’t control, why? Because that’s really make a difference guys. Bear in mind that, if something that we are stressing about is beyond our control, just let it be, berdamailah dengan takdir, we cant change anything. Something that we cant control ni macam kematian (death of someone that we love), tragedy or accidents, bencana alam, etc. So, instead we all menyeksa batin dan akal fikiran with situation that beyond our control, just remember that, everything happens for a reason, and with every difficulties tersembunyi kemudahan. The good news is that calamities will shape us to be more stronger, mature and confidence secara kita sedar or x sedar.
Note that, the above explanation is based on the observation from my surrounding environment, so that’s may be realistic for a few of you and some may not agree with that, and I fine with that. :)

Now, lets move on to things that we can change.

For example. If my supervisor is extremely disapproved my works, and this situation will certainly make me felt sad, stress and having low confidence with myself. So what should I do to address this issue? Instead of dwelling too much with that pain, I took a break for awhile (nak nangis pun nangis la at least level stress korang turun sedikit), observe my breathing and just focus on the breathing for about 5-10minutes. Then, I pour down all the negative thoughts from my mind on a blank paper. Then, I carefully address that overwhelming thoughts with an action plan that may suits that issues. If you all afraid or feel no confidence to plan the action, just ask for helps from people that you are comfortable with. Plan the action with that person together, this will make you feel better and see clearer. After that, step by step practice the action plan into an action. Do it with an open heart and mind, and if you’re stuck or suddenly stress attacks you while doing that particular jobs that you’re planning for, just take a step back. Take a break or do something that make you feel energized and fun. For example, I love to write something that motivate others, read motivational books, listening to the v-log or

have a cup of coffee :)

whenever I got stuck with my work. To make it simple, do any activities that will make you feel happy and motivated whenever you get stuck. So you can change the stress situation into a practical happier situation. Stress is ok! Stress is actually good for us if we able to manage it properly, :)
But over-stress is not ok! Remember that, we all have no idea at all when we will going to die, so don’t waste your time to be over-stressed, just relax and try do your best in whatever you are doing (ikut kemampuan tau, jgn paksa diri wei!) and please try to focus on positive things in every situation (kena kritik pun senyum je) because this life is so wasteful if you’re not enjoying yourself!

Ok, that’s all for now, goodbye.

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