Jan 26, 2017

Date for Real 😳

Ok, so for this post, I want to talk about love & relationship between man & woman, & this story is based on my own experience, 
Its a bit challenge for me to share what I've learned from previous relationships 😭 sbb malu le 😌

So, here are what I've learned, read them dgn hati y terbuka 😇

1.) Berkawan biar beribu, berkasih biar satu je

So before you all memang nekad nk dirikan rumah tangga, tolong la berkawan dgn everyone, then from that friendship, you can sort off which one of your friends y memang hati you all "rasa lain", get it? 😅
you'll know "that feeling" soon 👍🏻
why you all should kawan dgn ramai org? coz from that friendship you all will know & understand them better & you can choose which one will be the one and only 😎

2.) Jangan paksa perasaan cinta itu,

Well this was the worst experience that I've ever had 😭
Act, dulu aku terlampau fikir ape org kata, then aku pun pikat sorang mamat ni (honesty perasaan malu tu hilang sbb ape org kata is most matter for me during that time), coz I know that he is so kind, then ak mmg confirm la y dia la the perfect ones for me 😌
To cut long story short, then both of us pun agreed to complete each other lives, but sooner I'll the one who broke the promise 💩
I forced myself to love him everyday but day after day that love is fading away 😔, seriously I don't know why, 
My best buddies knew how hard I tried to love him, but I can't, then I slowly distance myself from him and leaving him clueless alone coz Im seriously afraid & sad to tell him the truth (but I've managed to write him a letter saying that I'm so sorry for breaking those promises 😫) 
& I still can't forgive myself because of that 😭
So, please don't be like me, you can't force yourself to love someone, please berkawan dulu, don't rush on something important guys 😩

3.) Please never ever compare your current relationship with the previous ones, coz this'll make yourself become more complicated, ape y lover korang buat semua serba x kena (especially if previous lover is better than the current one ☝️) - So just enjoy your moments together, appreciate your current lover, kalau x why you broke up with the previous one 😅

That's all, wish my story guide you in certain way, thanks for reading guys, enjoy your life k 😎

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