Jan 23, 2017

Master versus Work (Which one is better?)

Hello guys ❤️️
How's your week going on, hopefully everything's going well guys 😎

So, today we're going to share about our study journey after degree, hehe 🙈

Some people asked, "should they sambung master or not? or better just being job-hunter after degree? "ok, this is sort of dilemma 😅 I think, huahuahua

First of all, you should ask yourself, "if I am interested to continue my study, is it will make me feel better? or is it coz of you don't have confidence to start your working life?or is it coz you don't have any idea bout your life yet after ended your degree journey? 😭😅
Never mind guys, don't worry, we've got all those three 😩
hahaha 😂😂

So here the tips on how to tackle that issue diligently:

1.) Ask yourself, what is your goal of life, what do I mean here is, what's your purpose of life?what's your aim for? 
for example, my aim is to contribute sth significance from my work 😇( banyak aim pun x pe 👏🏻 👍🏻)

2.) From that purpose, ask yourself, is my aim really need me to further my study or just attend any special courses that related to my purpose or anything else that you can think of 🤔

3.) Please do whatever it takes to bring your dream/aim/purpose into life/reality 🤗

But its not ended that way 😩

After going through all the three questions above, let yourself enjoy whatever choice that you all nak by doing a bit research about your choice 😌
Please have fun when you're doing this assignment, just list pros and cons from the choice that you all going to take, then compare all the pros and cons carefully and if possible please seek help from anyone that already have experience on that choice that you'll going to take 😋

(remind yourself, "the choice is in your hand, it's represents how you view yourself and not other people, so just take opinion of others as tips for you to handle whatever challenges may come from your choice")
good luck guys!!!

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