Jan 18, 2017

Reduce the risk of your home from theft

Hello, evening folks!
As promised from the previous post, today we like to share to you all about home security equipment especially untuk mereka yang stay di rumah sewa.

But before that, we want to share about our nightmare experience, rumah kena pecah masuk!
That event took place about a year ago, during cuti hari raya haji.
To cut it short, kejadian pecah masuk tu berlaku ketika we all went back to our hometown. Alhamdulilah, we were not there during that kejadian, and fortunately, we bring back all the precious stuffs such as lappy, money etc. But of course, there were some stuffs that have been stolen..(crying!!!)😢

Ok, never mind. (Smile)
For not being there (at home) during that event took place is grateful enough rather than our lost stuffs.
So, we learned great things from that experience, one of that is to be more mindful with our personal and home security.(Agree!)
The end.

Back to our early discussion,  here we share the tips to reduce the risk of your home from being pecah masuk:

1.) Always mangga pintu gril (If possible, buy two high security padlocks-never mind with the price! yg penting you all punye keselamatan!).
INFO: High security padlock ni biasenye harga mencecah ratusan ringgit, so share duit ramai2, belilah padlock tersebut!

2.) Selak pintu (pujuk the house owner tuk buat selak kat pintu rumah and semua pintu bilik!)- Tell the house owner that you'll will pay half from the exact amount to pasang selak).

3.) Change contact number with your neighbour! (If something happens, you all can contact them for help!).

4.) Please be more alert! (If you all hear/see something suspicious, please tell the police or rukun tetangga or your home management officer).

5.) Beli  protection shield for your padlock (kat DIY etc).

6) The most important thing is to pray to Him, asking Him to always shower His protection and Blessings, for us to always safe and be protected.

P/S: Points 1, 2 and 5 will delay percubaan nak pecah masuk rumah coz burglars need more time nak kopak padlock/selak tersebut, So you all will have a spare time to contact the police or jerit mintak tolong, etc.

Okayh. That's all for today from radoo.

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