Mar 6, 2011

Carnival 'JOM MASUK U' at Kuantan

Ce citew ce citew

At 5 to 6 March 2011, the department of higher education malaysia organized carnival 'JOM MASUK U !'. I do not miss the opportunity to participate in the carnival which was held at the Sultan Ahmad Shah International Convention Centre, Kuantan dealing with ECM.

This Carnival
is very useful especially for those who want to continue their studies in the higher level education. In other words, to further studies ...
I went there by bus together with friends from Temerloh . Jaezah, Aida, Izyan, Nabilah and me. The other trip is Izzat,amal paan, Fadzli, Shawal and khushairi. They went there with a car driven by Izzat Hazmi.(have got licence lah katakan:) From Kuantan tengku hanim with her family , and Ain nasuha dari shah alam.

Arrived at Kuantan at 10, we took our breakfast at station bus food courts . Nasi Lemak n teh O. Then straight away to our destination by walking. There was ocean of people. School students, univercities students, n mostly i guest SPM LEAVERS there. SBPIT students were not exception to join this carnival. woohoo. So shy to see them. Met with Pn.Zuraida our school councillor . Looks in haste. So we cannot talk too long.

I can not breathe in there because there are 10 thousand people came with same aim. For guidance and information from the exhibition conducted . Among those involved are UKM, UTM, UUM, UNIMAS, UPNM, UniMAP, UTEM, UMT, UITM,USM,UPM, UMK,UniSZA, UMP,USIM,UPSI, UTHM, UMS, POLITEKNIK, KOLEJ KOMUNITI, JTM,JPA,UPIM,MQA,MAPCU,PTPTN .

There are
also services to fill the UPU form, check marks curricular, performances singing and other
. I only check marks curricular .We turned to the whole of exhibition site to ensure that no information is missed. We took every brochure available. Pens,notebook and etc at each booth.

Despite the
difficulty and crowded, we
travel almost overall of the place , asked the representatives of the exhibitors to get info on this higher education field . There are many of the courses offered and there is also a new courses in some universities . Various interesting as a guide.

Our tired
bodies do not narrated
. Only Gods who knows. After much walking we went t PC FAIR. Nabilah bought pen-drive 4GB price RM22. I did not buy any. I thought want to buy mp3 but I'm not used to using my own money to buy . not be my intention to buy dah. haha.

After all,we went to ECM. Lunch ! RasaMas our choice for lunch .That is where we met with the boys gang. Ain from Shah Alam, and Hanim from other location. Waiting. make our day that day.haha.never forget it. Gathering. Talking. Chatting. Laughing. Eating. Totally memento of 2011.

Then window-shopping at ECM . Plan to watch movies CANCELED. haha. Lastly, we went back our home. I went back to Pekan. Before returned home, my father took us to dinner.

Sunday, i went to PC FAIR and that carnival again: ) accompany my father on the road there before I take the bus back to Temerloh alone. Alhamdulillah. i savely arrived. Thats the story. The End.

p/s: aku try speaking. Sorry lah banyak error sane sini. Practise makes perfect. :)



arha said...

hoho.,hows ur lunch at rasamas??hope u hve gud momento there 2..haha

SITOT said...

very deliciouss!!!!!! haha. !
very short time ! haha